Thanksgiving at CFPC – Safety First

Here’s to a very non-traditional Legal Blog Post…


Thanksgiving has always been a special time at Cheriff & Fink, P.C.  Bruce and Ken, along with firm founder Bernard Cheriff, hosted, for about a decade, an office party to view the Thanksgiving Day Parade as it moved its way past our then offices on the northeast corner of Broadway and West 57th Street in Manhattan.  Clients, family and friends gathered to watch the parade and celebrate the holiday.  For those of you who joined us during those years, here’s some photos to take you back in time:

Thanksgiving Photos CFPC 1

Thanksgiving Photos CFPC 2

Thanksgiving Photos CFPC 3

With offices downtown and in Westchester and on Long Island, we no longer overlook the parade route.  The parade parties are a thing of the past, but we still enjoy looking back and reflecting on the fun and comraderie each year’s gathering brought!

That being said, Thanksgiving is a time for celebration and reflection and most importantly an opportunity to be thankful for all the good in our lives.  With celebration comes safety concerns for our friends, family, colleagues and clients.  While Ken will be frying a turkey, once again, this year, Bruce suggested we post some safety points to make sure the turkey is enjoyed and doesn’t become a high temperature projectile in Ken’s backyard.

Here’s some tips from the National Fire Protection Association to help keep things safe on the holiday.

NFPA Safety Tips for Thanksgiving

Finally, for those of you who’ve never fried a turkey, here’s a couple of pictures of Ken’s first foray into deep fried turkey from a few years back.


Wishing all of you a happy, healthy, enjoyable, meaningful, and SAFE Thanksgiving 2016!  Enjoy!

Bruce and Ken