When I spoke to Kenneth Fink, he said that he would be Hands-On and that I would never talk to a secretary. That was true! I had zero experience in selling a house and Kenneth made this process so much easier. He was honest, patient, diligent and super nice. He has zero arrogance, he's very knowledgeable and experienced I highly recommend him to anyone.

Eliana M., January 27, 2021


Cheriff & Fink helped me when I was at my weakest point after a car accident.  They are the number 1 lawyers in New York!

Keire V., January 18, 2021


Bruce is a brilliant personal injury attorney. I loved Bruce's hands-on in-the-trenches approach. Bruce spoke in a language I could understand as a layperson. He literally did all the work while I was laid up in the ER from a Taxi accident. He managed my expectations by making sure my medical bills were taken care of 1st. Then by some miracle, he actually got me an extra settlement amount to make up for my pain and lost income. I was shocked that an attorney would keep his promises to me at a time when I was most vulnerable. I give Bruce a 10 on a scale of 1 to 5.

Carolyn F., September 9, 2020


I had not been involved in a real estate transaction for over 40 years. I needed an attorney to hold my hand and guide me thru the process. I had numerous questions and Mr. Fink was always there for me. I WAS VERY SATISFIED.

Norman P., August 21, 2020

Thankful for His Honesty

As luck would have it, another lawyer advised me to give Mr. Fink's New York office a call, which I did.  After explaining my situation regarding a fall I had in New York City he decided to take my case.  It took a long time to settle, but Mr. Fink was wonderful.  He always found time to talk to me and explain what was going on.  I am thankful for his honesty and do highly recommend him as an excellent choice.

Michael G., June 14, 2020

Service is Unmatched

Having dealt with this firm for several years, I have, and will continue to recommend them. Their professional and courteous service is unmatched. They have gotten me through some very difficult times in my life

Lisa C., May 21, 2020

Extremely satisfied

Mr. Cheriff is very knowledgeable and understanding. He helped me with a problem I had with my building management.  He found time to answer my questions and address my concerns. He did his best to help me come to an agreement with the management. After the case was closed,  I approached him with an apparent fraudulent case and he saved me from being a victim.  He didn't even charge me for that. A true  lawyer friend! I don't have any reservation to say that  I have found in him a lawyer and friend and I have the confidence that I can approach him with any legal matters that come in my way.  He is professional, honest, sincere and I would recommend him for any legal issues.

Annie K, May 2020

Brilliantly Negotiated on my Behalf

Experiencing an auto accident is stressful enough, but I certainly was not prepared to deal with the aftermath that followed . . . the continuous insurance notices, medical bills and legal documents. I am forever grateful for having Ken Fink represent me during this trying situation. He truly made the entire ordeal completely stress-free. Ken addressed each notification and clearly explained to me the details and timeline of what to expect going foreword. With some legal issues stacked against me, Ken brilliantly negotiated on my behalf, which resulted in a settlement beyond anything close to what I would have been able to achieve on my own. I would highly recommend Cheriff & Fink.

Cheryl M., March 2020

Understanding, Honest, and Detailed!

As luck would have it, I was transferred over to Mr. Fink’s New York office! I was not very happy with the first office that took my case, and realized why after Mr. Fink took it over. He was very understanding, honest, and detailed. He always found the time to answer any of my questions and made sure I understood what was going throughout the process.

I’m very grateful for his Professionalism and honesty.

Definitely the best choice!!

Christina S., January 2020

Swift Action!

Working with Mr. Cheriff was a an experience of professionalism, respect and filled expectations. When a dozen other lawyers turned their noses at my assault case, Bruce took it on with optimism and swift action. The process was seamless, well informed, and payment was punctual. I have nothing but the highest praise for this firm.

Thanks For Your Help!

Jeffrey T., January 2020

Very Understanding

Mr. Fink was very nice. He explained everything to me everytime something was going on. He is very understanding on your issues and very detailed. Never had an issue with him or his work. Definitely will recommend him to someone! Thanks for your help!

Rosa A, December 2019

Eternally Grateful

I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for me, for being my voice when no one else would listen. I am eternally grateful to you for your kindness and compassion. Thank you, thank you, thank you and have a wonderful holiday.

Kate P., December 2019

Completely Pleased!

Bruce Cheriff worked for us on a contract dispute. He was quick to understand the issue and to form an approach for reaching our goals. He was clear on the options and straight forward on his thoughts. The outcome turned out just as discussed and planned. We are completely pleased with the services provided and we would highly recommend Bruce Cheriff for any legal issue.

Gary F., 11/14/19

Great Communicator

Mr. Bruce Cheriff worked on my car accident case. I had the ultimate trust in Bruce’s decision-making during all steps.  I'm very pleased that we were able to reach a desired settlement.

I found Bruce to be experienced, responsive, knowledgable and honest. 

Bruce is a great communicator. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need.

Christopher F. 2019

Real Straight Shooter

Absolutely zero complaints with Mr. Bruce Cheriff work on my car accident case. I had the ultimate trust in Bruce’s decision-making during all steps, and I'm very pleased that we were able to reach a desired settlement.

I found Bruce to be experienced, responsive, knowledgable and honest. 

Mr. Bruce Cheriff is a great communicator and real straight shooter. I'd highly recommend his services to anyone in need.

Michelle F., June 2019

Cheriff & Fink Treat You Like Family

I could not be more grateful to Bruce Cheriff for the amazingly efficient, kind and completely stress-free handling of my accident case. It was distressing enough to be injured in a situation that could have been prevented... and to feel I was alone with no resources and thought I had no recourse. But it was clear from one consultation that things would be handled beyond-professionally and with great attention to detail. The communication was terrific, and I was kept updated at every step of the way. Bruce has kept in touch over the years and it is true what every review says: Cheriff & Fink treat you like family! I am grateful to this day and would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Rebecca M., June 16, 2019

Worked Tirelessly to Help Me Win My Case

I have known Kenny since 2006 and he has been a Godsend to my life. He worked tirelessly to help me win my case and I won beautifully.  I have been able to call Kenny and he will always find a way to get me information even if he does not work in that field. He never refuses me and always helps me constantly. I always have to say a special prayer for Kenny because he is the most wonderful person to everyone.

Susan D., March 26, 2019

Calming Voice in a Sea of Emotions

We have known Kenny both professionally and personally. Our children went to high school together. He is an amazing person. We did have professional need of his service. He was the calming voice in what can be a sea or emotions. 
Our situation was handled with professionalism and courtesy.

Evan Z., March 2019

You Can Sleep Well at Night

After attending law school with Ken Fink, we each practiced in divergent areas of the law.  Over 25 years, whenever I have had need of an attorney to handle any type of personal injury action for a client or any question concerning personal injury law, Ken and his partner Bruce have always been at the ready and have always performed beyond expectations.  Any client referred to them invariably comes back to thank me for having referred them to Cheriff & Fink. They are caring, diligent, experienced and thorough and treat each client as if they were helping a family member. Having Cheriff & Fink as your attorneys means you can sleep well at night and you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible legal representation, period!

Maurice F., Esq., March 12, 2019


I was referred to Ken by a family member and it was probably the best referral ever, in light of my case.  After the passing of my Grandmother it fell to my Aunt to sell our Family Home, unfortunately she was being greedy and was denying my Grandmother had a Will, at that point I knew I needed a Lawyer and Ken was our savior.  Once we found a copy of the Will we realized my Grandmother had left the home to all her Children and Grandchildren, all told there were thirteen owners and Ken represented twelve including myself. The process took more than a year to complete from Contract to Closing, and Ken was there to answer all our questions and help guide us through the process. Getting all the signatures was a nightmare with Owners living across the country, from New York, Miami, Ohio and Texas.  By the end of the Closing Ken felt like family and we were truly all very happy with the service and I would recommend Ken wholeheartedly to anyone. His professionalism and pleasant manner are evident in every conversation.

Anthony O., March 12, 2019

Beyond Professional

I hired Ken Fink to help out with a car accident case. He was beyond professional and explained in laymen's terms the whole process from start to finish. After the case was resolved I had additional questions for him and he was always willing to take the time to answer them. Highly recommend this firm.

Steve K., March 11, 2019

Conscientious and Detail Oriented

Ken and Bruce each handled a different situation on my behalf. They are almost interchangeable. The are 2 hard working individuals who work hard on behalf of the client. Always available, will answer any of your questions and what is very important will do things for you without you constantly being worried are they charging for each and every minute they spend representing you? They treat  you with respect, are very detail oriented  and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a conscientious lawyer in their field of expertise.

HL, March 8, 2019

Ken & Bruce Treated Us Like Family

Ken and Bruce treated us like family from the very beginning shortly after a very serious car accident. At a very fragile state of mind I was provided with compassion and understanding.  They took a genuine interest in our welfare and were persistent in pursuing justice on my behalf. Anytime I needed to ask questions they always had an open ear to listen and explain things that I didn't understand. They always informed me what was going on with my case. To this day we remain in close contact. I would recommend Cheriff & Fink 100 percent to represent anyone who needs a lawyer. I just wanna say thank you for everything!

Adriana C., March 2019

Like Family!

Having worked with Ken and Bruce (as well as Bruce's dad prior to his retirement) for 8 years and staying in touch with them throughout the years, they are not just ex-employers but family. I am not only an ex-employee but a former client as well. I know first hand how experienced and knowledgeable in the law they are but I can attest to how every case and client is treated with the upmost dignity and respect, no matter how big or small. I have referred many of my family and friends to them because I know that they will look out for their best interest.  I highly recommend the firm of Cheriff & Fink.

CL, March 7, 2019

Conscientious and Experienced Attorneys

I have known Ken Fink since law school, and have worked with him as a colleague on various matters since then.  He (and Bruce) are both conscientious and experienced attorneys.  I have no hesitation refeffing appropriate matters to his office.  I highly recommend Ken, and the firm of Cheriff & Fink.

Larry K, Esq., March 2019

Absolutely Would Recommend!

 Kenny Fink was a great choice when we needed an attorney for my son’s accident.  He was very knowledgeable of the law.  He was always professional and reliable and comforted not only my husband and I but our son as well.  We absolutely would recommend him if you want a competent and understanding attorney.  

Gail C., March 6, 2019

In My Corner

Bruce Cheriff is professional, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, kind. My case took almost two years to close and Bruce never let up or lost momentum. In one of my most uncertain and vulnerable periods, Bruce helped me feel informed and secure. I am so grateful to have had someone like him in my corner. I can confidently recommend Mr. Cheriff to anyone who needs legal services or advice. 

Emma S., March, 2019


Honest, Caring, Experienced, and Knowledgeable

Our property was damaged by an accident caused by another party.  Initially, we thought we could negotiate on our own with the other party.  After months of negotiation, we couldn’t get anywhere.  We went to one lawyer.  But he dragged on for days without any clear direction.  We were then recommended to talk to Bruce Cheriff, who quickly took over the case.  Bruce made the right strategic moves in every turn and twist and brought the case to a satisfactory conclusion.

We are glad that we had Bruce representing us, instead of continuing to handle the case on our own.  Firstly, the case was more complicated than we thought.  Secondly, had we accepted any sort of settlement without a lawyer of Bruce’s caliber on our side, and signed an agreement written by the other party, we could easily paint ourselves into a corner.

We found Bruce to be honest, caring, experienced and knowledgeable.  We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs legal services.

Sandy Z., 2/26/19


A True Mensch

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. In my case, I was standing taking photos in a restaurant with my back facing an untethered dividing screen, that separated the party I was attending with another, when it collapsed and hit me on the back of my neck like an executioner’s sword. I suffered injuries and knew I needed a lawyer. Kenny Fink was recommended to me. 
In all the times I met or spoke with Kenny, I found him to be a gentleman, extremely thorough & highly professional. His advice was always rock solid. He guided me through a very difficult ordeal.
There was never a time when he didn’t answer my questions nor listen to my concerns. I could not have produced the same outcome on my own. I would highly recommend Kenny Fink. He was and is a mensch.

Helena S., 2/6/19

Delivered Results

I was attacked by a Pitbull. I spent 12 days in the hospital. I was looking for a lawyer to help me sue the owners, and get some money back, so I could at least pay the medical bills. I was at 2 lawyers, before I got to Bruce Cheriff. Both lawyers told me that my case was complicated, and wouldn't represent me. My friend recommended Bruce, and he immediately started working on the case, updating me with the status of it,  and always responding quickly to any of my questions. I trusted Bruce from the first time I saw him. He delivered, and the results are satisfying. Highly recommending Bruce.

Elanit C., December 2018


Utmost Care and Diligence

I hired Ken Fink to represent me when selling and buying my home.  Ken was extremely thorough and professional throughout the process. He was in constant contact with me, letting me know where things stood and assuring me that everything was moving along according to plan. Buying and selling homes simultaneously can be very nerve wracking but ken Fink made the process run smoothly. I would recommend Ken Fink not only because he is knowledgeable and professional but because he is honest, hard working and extremely detail oriented! He is someone you want working with you,to handle your case with the utmost care and diligence.

Amy R., December 2018


Patience and Careful Analysis!

I hired Bruce Cheriff to represent me in a malpractice and misrepresentation lawsuit and recommend him and his law firm wholeheartedly and without reservation.  My lawsuit was complec and required patience and careful analysis.  I have remained fully confident the whole time that i was receiving the best possible representation.  Bruce is an experienced litigator who works with diligence, an unassuming manner, and an exacting instinct.

Valerie F., November 2018


Would Not Hesitate to Retain Again!

I was referred to Bruce Cheriff by another attorney after I was involved in a significant automobile accident when an unlicensed driver ignored a stop sign and struck my vehicle. Bruce quickly stepped in and assumed management of all details associated with this incident: medical provider and hospital claims, lost wages compensation, motor vehicle reporting and hearing requirements, interacting with the insurance companies, and civil proceeding claims. He was available by phone or electronic communication to promptly address issues or questions as they arose in a detailed and responsive manner.

I am very pleased with the representation I received and believe the positive outcome achieved in this matter was only achievable due to the integrity, skill, experience, personal commitment, and caring of Mr. Cheriff.  I would not hesitate to retain Bruce's services again should I require legal services in the practice areas he specializes in.

Denise B., August 13, 2018


Absolute Pleasure to Work With!

Ken Fink was an absolute pleasure to work with. He represented me in a car accident I was involved in and promised me results and he delivered. He was honest, respectful and reliable. Any time I had a question or concern he would answer me almost immediately and put me at ease. If I asked for advice on other legal matters he would help with that too. I can go on and on! If I need representation again he would be the first person I call. All around wonderful experience. Cant Thank him enough!

Stephanie V., 12/15/17

Honesty and Integrity!

I was first referred to Bernie Cheriff when I was 19, I'll be 60 come August. In the 40 yrs I have called on first Bernie and then Bruce and Ken I have seen nothing but honestly, integrity and the fight to go above and beyond for their clients.  I have referred my family, my children, friends and even complete strangers. Not once has anyone been disappointed.  Thank you Ken and Bruce for all you do. ...💜

Johanna A, 5/18/17

Pleasure to Work With

I was involved in a car accident and hired Ken Fink to represent me. He was very knowledgeable and answered my many questions anytime I called. He was very successful in obtaining a settlement for me. He was a pleasure to work with.

Pam K., 5/16/17

Kept Me Informed

Bruce Cheriff was my lawyer when I had an accident at a gym and I was very impressed by how he handled things and always kept me informed about what was going on.  I'd definitely recommend him.

Janet D., 5/13/17

Knowledgeable and Experienced

I hired Kenny Fink to represent me in a car accident case after being dissatisfied with a different firm which seemed like an insurance mill.   Kenny guided me through the legal process and handled the case in a timely manner.  He is a very knowledgeable and experienced attorney.  He paid attention to my concerns and helped alleviate them.  I highly recommend him.  

Amy S., 4/11/17

Exceeded Expectations!

Bruce Cheriff was my lawyer on a liability case.  The case was settled in the time Bruce had anticipated and with the desired results.  I highly recommend  Cheriff & Fink!

Giavanni D., 3/6/17

Everything Handled Pefectly

Everything was handled perfectly from beginning to end.  I was informed on everthing that was going on and updated when needed.  If you need a lawyer, I would highly recommmend Bruce Cheriff in a minute.  You will be satisfied; I am certain of that!

David M., 11/14/16


Dedicated, knowledgeable professional lawyers

I contacted Ken Fink to represent me on a personal liability case. I fell on an MTA bus walking to my seat when the driver stopped short. Ken answered my questions promptly and reassured me everything was under control. I never worried once because I knew he was taking charge of my case. He had full command of the situation and it was settled to both our satisfactions. I give him the highest marks and recommendations. I couldn't have been more pleased.

Carol H., 10/31/16


I was hit by a car when I was pregnant.  My lawyer was Bruce Cheriff and he managed my case excellently. He is an excellent lawyer and I would recommend him and work with him again if I needed it to. Excellent service!

Johanna E., 8/17/16


I have known Bruce for 32 years, worked with him on numerous occasions and referred clients to him.  A more highly professional attorney cannot be found.  

Hal B., Esq., 6/10/16

Hard Working

Hard working guys that work hard for the client!  We use Kenny and Bruce for all of our offices PI cases and they always put forth max effort and get great results.

Jeffrey L., Esq., 3/29/16

My "Go To" Attorney!

Kenny Fink handled a situation regarding a home renovation gone bad. Kenny was there for me every time I called, sent a text or email. Kenny always got back to me in a timely manner even if he was out of town. If you want someone who will "hold your hand" throughout whatever situation you may be going through then I would highly recommend you call on Kenny and the Cheriff and Fink law firm! He has become my "go to" attorney!

Tavia T., 1/12/16

Very Professional

I would highly recommend this firm. I worked with Ken Fink who was very professional and courteous. Always available to answer any questions I had in layman's terms. Advised and guided me through the whole process.

-Steven K. 11/4/15

Quick Turnaround

I had a dog attack me while working at a customer's home, and used Bruce Cheriff for his legal services. The process was simple, and I had a very quick turnaround time when communicating with him. I found it to be a quick overall process, and was very pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend his law firm  to anyone!

-Russell B. 8/7/15

Gets the Job Done!

Very knowledgeable, and gets the job done. Highly recommend.

-Jeanette S. 7/17/15

Highly skilled and committed to clients

Bruce Cheriff handled our real estate closing. As first-time home buyers we were daunted by the complex process: we feel very fortunate that we had Mr. Cheriff as our lawyer. He was extremely knowledgeable and precise in his approach: when complications arose (there were several in our case) Mr. Cheriff immediately identified the issues and worked quickly to resolve them. Perhaps equally important, Mr. Cheriff is incredibly kind. He was always available and always supportive. We were left feeling impressed by how genuinely and committed Mr. Cheriff was to producing a positive outcome for us.

Very helpful start to finish & great settlement outcome

I was in a car accident and wasn't planning to get a lawyer, but reached out to Cheriff & Fink through a chiropractor's recommendation to get help with the no fault medical paperwork. I am very bad at paperwork, especially when it requires expediency. With Bruce Cheriff I had a fantastic, hassle-free experience. He handled everything quickly and was kind, consistent, and always available when something came up or when I had questions. In the end he got me an unexpected but much appreciated settlement. I am extremely satisfied with my experience and with the outcome of my case. I couldn't recommend Cheriff & Fink more highly.

Excellent attorneys

In the 25+ years since we went to law school together I have had several opportunities to retain the services of Bruce Cheriff and his partner Ken Fink or refer friends of mine to them. I can honestly say that in every single instance the results they delivered were excellent. As an attorney, what I appreciate most in other attorneys is competence and follow through, and Bruce and Ken deliver. And they have achieved great results in all of the matters they have handled for me or my friends or colleagues. I recommend the firm without reservation.

Great Lawyer - Not a Play on Words

I am an attorney in Southern California and had occasion to work with Bruce Cheriff of Cheriff & Fink, P.C., on litigation in New York. When you work with Bruce Cheriff, you use words you are not accustomed to using in connection with lawyers: Reliable. Knowledgeable. Responsible. Ethical. Clear thinking. Great Communicator. Easy to Work With. And the frosting on the cake is that Bruce is a nice guy! I have recommended him to others and have no reservations about recommending him and his firm to you.

Excellent, Knowledgable Attorneys

Cheriff & Fink are an outstanding group of attorneys with exceptional knowledge and understanding of personal injury law. They are available at a moment's notice to adhere to all clients' questions and concerns. I do not hesitate to refer this firm and offer them my highest recommendation.

Highly skilled and committed to clients

Bruce Cheriff handled our real estate closing. As first-time home buyers we were daunted by the complex process: we feel very fortunate that we had Mr. Cheriff as our lawyer. He was extremely knowledgeable and precise in his approach: when complications arose (there were several in our case) Mr. Cheriff immediately identified the issues and worked quickly to resolve them. Perhaps equally important, Mr. Cheriff is incredibly kind. He was always available and always supportive. We were left feeling impressed by how genuinely and committed Mr. Cheriff was to producing a positive outcome for us.Less

- Bryce C. 2/12/2015

Extremely Helpful!

Always Available and confident! Thank You Guys

- Jackie J. 11/7/2014

Caring Attorney With Knowledge and Integrity

I have used Ken Fink of Cheriff & Fink to represent me in several matters over the last decade, both relating to personal transactions and matters related to my business. He is my first stop whenever I have a legal question. Ken is smart and talented, so you always feel like your best interests are being looked after. He also conducts himself with integrity, so you are always proud to have him as your advocate. In addition, Ken won't take on matters beyond his expertise. Instead, he will refer to you someone who is an expert on that type of matter and with whom he has a relationship. I can't recommend Ken enough as an attorney.

- Mitchell B. 11/6/2014

Will recommend him without reservation.

This firm is absolutely, hands down, the best. Bruce Cheriff is a no nonsense, very matter of fact type of attorney. His understanding of his profession and the area(s) of law he practices are evident in his results. Will recommend him without reservation.

- Charles F. 11/4/2014


I believe your work is outstanding so is your politeness and your attention to your clients.

- Elsie s. 11/4/2014

Highly Recommend

I've dealt with Ken and Bruce professionally for over twenty years. They are both honest, knowledgeable, straightforward and a pleasure to deal with. They have handled a number of matters for me and always seem to know the correct path to take in the most efficient and cost effective manner. I'd highly recommend Cheriff & Fink to anyone who needs an attorney.

- Lilah I. 11/4/2014

Excellent Service

I am a Connecticut lawyer, and I used Ken Fink's services for the purpose of taking New York depositions in a case in which I was involved. Ken was well prepared, detail oriented, and aggressive on behalf of my client. The client felt well represented and confident in the assistance that the firm provided. I would not hesitate to recommend the firm's services to any New York client.

- Jocelyn H. 11/4/2014


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