Scooters in NYC – Be Safe Out There!

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It was an accident waiting to happen — again – and it did.  A Revel Electric moped rider died on a NYC street, only days after another tragic death.  As a result, the Revel service is temporarily shutting down in New York to review its safety protocols. 

It should have been abundantly clear well before now that electric mopeds should be subject to stricter safety rules.  With fewer drivers on New York City streets, the COVID-19 Pandemic has certainly boosted Revel and Citibike ridership, especially to people wishing to avoid public transportation.

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Unfortunately, when you add more bike riders on city streets you end up with more accidents and injuries.  There have been many lawsuits filed related to Revel and Citibike and there will be more.

Car and truck drivers get into plenty of accidents on NYC streets every day — many resulting in injuries.  Bike lanes are helpful, but at the end of the day, drivers are still learning how to navigate our city streets with an increase of pedestrians and bikes on the roads and in the crosswalks.

NYC will have to implement safety protocols and rules for both Citibike and electric mopeds before more people are injured.

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-Bruce and Ken